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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
4Ere God Had Built The MountainsLymington11178114
56O Lord, How Blest Our JourneyWatcher78163
67We Bless Thee, God And FatherDublin78114
78Lord, While We Wait The MomentEllacombe67114
85O Lord, Thy Love's UnboundedSovereign Grace16378
86O Lord, Thou Now Art SeatedFarewell114163
97Blest Be The God And FatherEwing67114
111By Thee, O God, InvitedMissionary15467
114The Holiest We EnterAurelia111149
119O Head Once Full Of BruisesPassion Chorale114149
140O Lord, Our Hearts Are WaitingSt. Theodolph14986
141In Deep, Eternal CounselEllacombe67111
149Lord Jesus, We RememberSt. Christopher114249
154Our Father We Would WorshipHankley67163
163The Lord Of Life Is RisenWebb7897
178Our Great High Priest Is SittingDeutschland56114
187O Jesus, Gracious SaviourMissionary11467
211O Jesus Christ, The SaviourLancashire6778
245On That Same Night, Lord JesusAurelia378149
249O Lord, In Thee BelievingBaptisma114111
256Hail To The Lord's AnointedPetition78114
258O Jesus, Thou Hast PromisedAngel's Story341111
265O God Of Grace, Our FatherMunich361256
269We Love To Sing Thy PraisesLlanelly15486
318O Lamb Of God, Still Keep UsPetition178163

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