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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
49Christ Delivered Us When BoundSt. Bees143123
71Oh, My Saviour CrucifiedMercy123487
108King Of Kings And Lord Of LordsBrandenburg198121
121Glory Unto Jesus BeHarts198143
123Jesus, Spotless Lamb Of GodMozart143108
131Praise We To The Father GiveMozart14349
143King Of Glory, Set On HighInnocents198121
198Lord, Accept Our Feeble SongHendon143123
222Everlasting Glory BeInnocents198121
266Christ The Lord Will Come AgainBrandenburg143198
307Poor and Feeble Though We BeHendon121143
408Christ Is Risen: Sound His PraiseHarts198143
411Rest, My Soul, The Work Is DoneMercy121108
420Gladly Let Us Join To SingBrandenburg198221
421Glory Unto Him Who DiedLubeck143198
487Sweet The Theme Of Jesus' LoveClayton West123108

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