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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
110O God, Thou Now Hast GlorifiedTreue Liebe173223
166Lord, Thou Hast Drawn Us After TheeTreasures173223
173"A Little While" - The Lord Shall ComeStella223110
219Lord, What is Man? 'Tis He Who DiedMelita223173
220Our Hearts Are Full Of ChristCarey173223
223O God, Whose Wonderous Name Is LoveSt. Catherine173226
224O That We Never Might ForgetPater Omnium223173
226And Art Thou, Gracious Master, GoneSt. Petersburg173219
239Salvation's Captain, And The GuideSolid Rock223353
274O Lord, Thy Rich, They Boundless LoveStella223224
277Christ's Glory Fills EternityCreation226223
284Thou Hidden Source Of Calm ReposeSt. Catherine173226
336Behold, What Wondrous Love And GracePater Omnium223173
353Great God Of Wonder, All Thy WaysPardon173166
380What Love It Was That Brought Thee DownMelita223110
413The Lamb Was Slain, His Precious BloodMelita173223
468O Lord Of Glory! Who Couldst LeaveSt. Catherine224173
473Our God And Father, Thou Hast MadeSt. Petersburg173219

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