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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
10Grace Is The Sweetest SoundHuddersfield24814531
12Sing, Without Ceasing SingVenice2484
22O Lord, A Few of ThineVigil17791
24His Be The Victor's NameFalcon Street31248272
31To Him Who Gave HimselfBoylston253145
43Not All The Blood Of BeastsMoreland31146201
47Grace Taught Our Wandering FeetFairhead248146
55Through Waves, Through Clouds And StormsSt. Ethelwald23584
84We Hear The Words Of LoveSt. Thomas235145
91Oh, What A Debt We OweSolyma3112146
95Break Forth And Sing The SongSt. Thomas24248
117Not To Ourselves We OweSummerfield14631
132The Person Of The ChristCarlisle14691
145Saviour, In Love DivineSilchester31146
146We Bless Our Saviour's NameDennis253145
153Whom Have We, Lord, But TheeMoreland84209
174O Patient, Spotless OneSpotless One9131
177Though In A Foreign LandRussian14584
185We Have A Home AboveFranconia20131
201Thou Holy One and TrueCambridge146209
209Our Times Are In Thy HandRhodes146145
210One Spirit With The LordHuddersfield3184
225Oh Scenes Of Heavenly JoyTrentham24884
235We'll Praise Thee, Glorious LordSt. Michael24884
248Thou, Thou Art Worthy LordFerguson23584

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