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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
253Since Christ And We Are OneAustin31235
270And We Shall See Thy FaceSilchester23531
272Revive They Work, O LordFestal Song145177
312Lead On, Almighty LordSt. Michael24272
323The Lord Himself Shall ComeFestal Song2484
330What Raised The Wondrous ThoughtSilchester25324
349My Soul, Repeat His PraiseScott23584
355Come, Ye That Love The LordTrentham235272
377O Blessed Living LordAustin177209
480'Tis Not Far Off - The HourTrentham31235
484This Do, Remember MeSummerfield31146
497What Cheering Words Are TheseRhodes8410

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