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Selected 1978
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TitleSongMP3TuneMeterAlternate Tunes
Lord Jesus, When We Think Of Thee151WiltshireC.M.184418
Lord Of Glory, We Adore Thee134Evening Prayer8.
Lord Of The Worlds Above346Darwall6.
Lord Our Hearts Are Burning70Penitence6.5.6.5.D.73500
Lord, Accept Our Feeble Song198Hendon7.7.7.7143123
Lord, Dismiss Us Hence With Gladness339Mannheim8.
Lord, E'en To Death They Love Could Do227SympathyC.M.88136
Lord, In Thy Grace And Truth Our Souls Delight494O Perfect Love10s344
Lord, Thou Hast Drawn Us After Thee166Treasures8.
Lord, Thou Hast Left Us To Prepare The Place456Finlandia10.
Lord, Thou Hast Sought66Only RememberedP.M.
Lord, Thy Love Has Sought And Found Us370Till He Come8.
Lord, To Our Souls Thy Light Is Ever Pure314O Perfect Love10s212208
Lord, We Are Thine52Saved By GraceL.M.D.457
Lord, We Can See, By Faith In Thee455Friend8.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)159
Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question375Lynton8.5.8.5
Lord, We Love To Trace They Footprints164Friendship8.7.8.7.D.306181423
Lord, We Rejoice, That Thou Art Gone216ZephyrL.M.24699
Lord, We Shall See Thee As Thou Art176Jackson'sC.M.151359
Lord, We Treasure With Affection46Cross of Jesus8.7.8.716252
Lord, What is Man? 'Tis He Who Died219Melita8.
Lord, While We Wait The Moment78Ellacombe7.6.7.6.D.67114
Love Bound Thee To The Alter382St. Christopher7.6.7.6.D.119114
Love Divine, All Praise Excelling296Beecher8.7.8.7.D.18118
Low In The Grave He Lay41Christ AroseP.M.

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