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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneMeterAlternate Tunes
426Tis Not That I Did Choose TheeSeine7.6.7.6.D.11167
427'Tis The Church Triumphant SingingPeace, Be Still8.
428A Mind At Perfect Peace With GodEvanC.M.184236
429To Whom Who Suffered On The TreeWarringtonL.M.36899
430To Wait For That Appointed DayHull8.
431We Praise Thee, Lord, In Strains Of Deepest JoyLandgran10.10.10.10212208
432And Did The Holy And The JustMapletonC.M.33136
433We Sing Of The Realms Of The BlestCeleste8.8.8.8 (Dactylic)39961
434We're Pilgrims In The WildernessEllacombe7.6.7.6.D.15456
435God In Mercy Sent His SonClementia7.7.7.7.D.198143
436God And Father, We Adore TheeBlaenwern8.7.8.7.D.18191
437God Moves In A Mysterious WaySt. AnneC.M.615
438How Wonderful! That Thou The Son Hast ComeEventide10.10.10.102087
439How Blest A Home, The Father's HouseThe HomeC.M.D.287366
440I'm Waiting For Thee, LordWaiting6.
441Hope Of Our Hearts, O Lord, AppearMertonC.M.6136
442In Weakness And Trial With God We May PleadHiding In Thee11.11.11.11454301
443I Was A Wandering SheepLebanonS.M.D.G44664161
444Jesus, God's Lamb, In The Midst Of The ThroneLobe den HerrenP.M.
445Jesus Lord, Almighty SaviourMelbourne8.
446Jesus, Our Lord, With What Joy We Adore TheeEpiphany Hymn11.10.11.10 (Dactylic)
447Light Of The Lonely Pilgrim's HeartSt. AgnesC.M.18433
448Look, Look, Ye Saints, Within The VeilRichmondC.M.40372
449Lord Jesus, ComeVenio4.
450Lord Jesus, Precious SaviourSt. Hilda7.6.7.6.D.149114

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