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Selected 1978
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TitleSongMP3TuneMeterAlternate Tunes
Lamb of God, Our Souls Adore Thee27Vision8.7.8.7.D.42330621
Lamb of God, Thou Now Art Seated28Beecher8.7.8.7.D.42318
Lead On, Almighty Lord312St. MichaelS.M.24272
Let Saints On Earth Their Anthems Raise133Miles' LaneC.M.207176
Light Of The Lonely Pilgrim's Heart447St. AgnesC.M.18433
Lo, He Comes From Heaven Descending170Regent Square8.
Look, Look, Ye Saints, Within The Veil448RichmondC.M.40372
Look, Ye Saints, The Sight Is Glorious371CWM Rhondda8.
Lord and Saviour, We Remember194Bullinger8.5.8.3376137
Lord Jesus Christ, Our Living Head42EagleyC.M.176197
Lord Jesus Christ, Our Saviour Thou251CrimondC.M.88156
Lord Jesus! Source Of Every Grace453OrlingtonC.M.151156
Lord Jesus, Are We One With Thee327RichmondC.M.83475
Lord Jesus, Come324Come4.
Lord Jesus, Come449Venio4.
Lord Jesus, Gladly Do Our Lips Express335Morecambe10.10.10.102127
Lord Jesus, Homeless Stranger452St. Alphege7.6.7.6400171
Lord Jesus, How Our Souls Adore83ManoahC.M.25243
Lord Jesus, Lamb Of God203Easton6.6.8.4
Lord Jesus, Our Redeemer378Rememberance7.6.7.6.D.114149
Lord Jesus, Precious Saviour450St. Hilda7.6.7.6.D.149114
Lord Jesus, To Tell Of Thy Love451De Fleury8.8.8.8.D. (Dactylic)6123
Lord Jesus, We Love Thee454Clarendon Street11.11.11.1138319
Lord Jesus, We Remember149St. Christopher7.6.7.6.D.114249
Lord Jesus, We Worship19Lion Of Juda11.11.11.114548

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