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Selected 1978
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TitleSongMP3TuneMeterAlternate Tunes
Paschal Lamb, By God Appointed18Hyfrydol8.7.8.7.D.632817
Perfect Eternal Rest498Repos EternelP.M.
Poor and Feeble Though We Be307Hendon7.7.7.7121143
Praise The Saviour, Ye Who Know Him476Acclaim8.8.8.5
Praise We To The Father Give131Mozart7.7.7.714349
Praise Ye The Lord, Again, Again156WarwickC.M.176475
Precious Name! The Name Of Jesus376Come Thou Weary8.5.8.3137194
Precious, Precious Blood Of Jesus369Stephanos8.5.8.3194376

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