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Selected 1978
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TitleSongMP3TuneMeterAlternate Tunes
Salvation! Oh, The Joyful Sound144Arlington w/ DoxologyP.M.
Salvation's Captain, And The Guide239Solid Rock8.
Saved For Glory, Yes, For Glory!372Blaenwern8.7.8.7.D.19118
Saviour, Before Thy Face We Fall309WaltonL.M.99246
Saviour, Come, They Saints Are Waiting183CWM Rhondda8.
Saviour, In Love Divine145SilchesterS.M.31146
Saviour, Lead Us By Thy Power381Bavaria8.7.8.7.D.6328
Saviour, Though The World Dispise Thee478ZionP.M.
Saviour, Through The Desert Lead Us241Bradbury8.7.8.7.D.392
Saviour, Unto Thee Assembling36Hold the Fort8.5.8.5.D.20
Saviour, We Long To Follow278SpohrC.M.6475
Saviour, Who Can E'er Forget416St. Peter's [Mancroft]
See Mercy, Mercy From On High128DusseldorfL.M.368429
Since Christ And We Are One253AustinS.M.31235
Sing Aloud To God Our Strength242Berry Head7.
Sing, Without Ceasing Sing12VeniceS.M.2484
Soft The Voice Of Mercy Sounded479Till He Come8.
Soldiers Of Christ, Arise217DiademataS.M.D.64443
Son Of God! With Joy We Praise Thee63Nettleton8.7.8.7.D.1828
Son Of God, In Heaven We View Thee310Wycliff8.7.8.726014
Soon The Saints In Glory Singing304Rathbun8.7.8.714179
Soon Will The Master Come218Finlandia10.
Sower Divine, Send Forth Thy Word186MarytonL.M.31799
Speed Thy Servants, Saviour, Speed Them496Melbourne8.
Stricken, Smitten, And Afflicted286Grebe8.7.8.7.D.30617

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