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Selected 1978
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TitleSongMP3TuneMeterAlternate Tunes
That Bright And Blessed Morn Is Near244Meribah8.
That Pathway! O Let It Be Treasured90Rachel9.8.9.8
The Atoning Work Is Done37Alban's6.
The Father Sent The Son385Westland6.6.8.4.D.238
The Father, From Eternity482NicolaiP.M.
The Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past259SpohrC.M.6359
The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns285BarrowC.M.236481
The Holiest We Enter114Aurelia7.6.7.6.D.111149
The Holy One Who Knew No Sin261No Other PleaC.M.D.287439
The Lamb Was Slain, His Precious Blood413Melita8.
The Light Of Life We See Thee Now481NottinghamC.M.184492
The Lord Himself Shall Come323Festal SongS.M.2484
The Lord Is Risen483National Hymn10.10.10.10212208
The Lord Of Life Is Risen163Webb7.6.7.6.D.7897
The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want299CrimondC.M.151204
The Manner Of Thy Mighty Love93BrookfieldL.M.317368
The Night Is Far Spent168Hanover10.10.11.11383454
The Night Is Now Far Spent263Alban's6.
The Perfect Righteousness Of God390MendonL.M.87368
The Person Of The Christ132CarlisleS.M.14691
The Prince Of Life, Once Slain For Us255AzmonC.M.351184
The Sands Of Time Are Sinking384Rutherford7.
The Saviour Lives, No More To Die96Duke StreetL.M.368429
The Veil Is Rent: Our Souls Draw Near136MartyrdomC.M.40333
Thee We Praise, Our God And Father311Stephanos8.5.8.3194376

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