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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Baptisma249O Lord, In Thee Believing7.6.7.6.D.114111
Barrow285The Head That Once Was Crowned With ThornsC.M.236481
Barrow25Father, Thy Name Our Souls Would BlessC.M.88359
Bartimeus298To Thy Name, Lord Jesus, Gathered8.7.8.725246
Batavia254Death And Judgement Are Behind Us8.7.8.717914
Bavaria381Saviour, Lead Us By Thy Power8.7.8.7.D.6328
Beatitudo124Jesus, Our Lord, Thou Morning StarC.M.633
Beaumaris387Where The Saints In Glory Thronging8.7.8.7179304
Beecher28Lamb of God, Thou Now Art Seated8.7.8.7.D.42318
Beecher76Rise, My Soul, Thy God Directs Thee8.7.8.7.D.18191
Beecher296Love Divine, All Praise Excelling8.7.8.7.D.18118
Belmont184There Is A Name We Love To HearC.M.8333
Belmont466O Lord, Of Thee We Ne'er Would TireC.M.6243
Bennett Park458Now Around Thee, Lord, We Meet7.7.7.6268
Berry Head242Sing Aloud To God Our Strength7.
Bethany109Jesus! That Name Is Love6.
Bishopgarth159O God Of Grace, Whose Saving Power8.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)313
Bishopgarth192Great Captain Of Salvation8.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)313
Bishopgarth205Thou God Of Grace Our Father8.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)313
Blaenwern372Saved For Glory, Yes, For Glory!
Blaenwern181Glory, Lord, Is Thine For Ever8.7.8.7.D.1828
Blaenwern436God And Father, We Adore Thee8.7.8.7.D.18191
Boardman404Oh, What A Gift The Father GaveC.M.403184
Boylston31To Him Who Gave HimselfS.M.253145
Bradbury241Saviour, Through The Desert Lead Us8.7.8.7.D.392

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