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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Eagley329We Thank Thee, Lord, For Weary DaysC.M.176197
Eagley42Lord Jesus Christ, Our Living HeadC.M.176197
Easton203Lord Jesus, Lamb Of God6.6.8.4
Elberfeld400Oh, Day Of Deepest Sorrow7.6.7.6157171
Ellacombe141In Deep, Eternal Counsel7.6.7.6.D.67111
Ellacombe434We're Pilgrims In The Wilderness7.6.7.6.D.15456
Ellacombe78Lord, While We Wait The Moment7.6.7.6.D.67114
Elland61How Wonderous The Glories That Meet8.8.8.8 (Dactylic)23399
Elland103We'll Sing Of The Shepherd That Died8.8.8.8 (Dactylic)291399
Ellers208In Hope We Lift Our Wishful, Longing Eyes10.10.10.102127
Ellers279Thou, Lord, Thyself, The Bright, The Morning Star10.10.10.102127
Ellesdie40Oh Thou Great All - Gracious Shepherd8.7.8.7.D.6328181
Epiphany Hymn26Thine Is The Love, Lord, That Draws Us Together11.10.11.10. (Dactylic)
Epiphany Hymn77Father Of Glory, Our Songs We Are Raising11.10.11.10 (Dactylic)
Epiphany Hymn446Jesus, Our Lord, With What Joy We Adore Thee11.10.11.10 (Dactylic)
Evan428A Mind At Perfect Peace With GodC.M.184236
Evan88O Blessed Saviour, Is Thy LoveC.M.75359
Evening Blessing340Father, We Commend Our Spirits8.7.8.7179254
Evening Prayer134Lord Of Glory, We Adore Thee8.
Eventide438How Wonderful! That Thou The Son Hast Come10.10.10.102087
Eventide212Called From Above, And Heavenly Men By Birth10.10.10.102087
Eventide247And Is It So? We Shall Be Like Thy Son!
Ewing97Blest Be The God And Father7.6.7.6.D.67114
Exaltation344Not I, But Christ, Be Honoured, Loved, Exalted11.10.11.10314

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