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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Lancashire211O Jesus Christ, The Saviour7.6.7.6.D.6778
Lancashire343O Lord, Thy Love's Unbounded7.6.7.6.D.154163
Landgran431We Praise Thee, Lord, In Strains Of Deepest Joy10.10.10.10212208
Lathbury160O Bright And Blessed Hope6.4.6.4.D.
Lathbury190Break Thou The Bread Of Life6.4.6.4.D.
Lebanon443I Was A Wandering SheepS.M.D.G44664161
Lenox257Himself He Could Not Save6.
Lenox155What Was It Blessed God6.
Liege189O God Of Matchless Grace6.
Lion Of Juda19Lord Jesus, We Worship11.11.11.114548
Lion Of Juda234We're Not Of The World11.11.11.11454495
Lischer130With Christ Our Theme Begins6.
Living Springs116O Render Thanks To God AboveL.M.36887
Llanelly269We Love To Sing Thy Praises7.6.7.6.D.15486
Lloyd475Our Tongues Must Spread The Saviour's FameC.M.15194
Lobe den Herren444Jesus, God's Lamb, In The Midst Of The ThroneP.M.
Los Angeles236O Gracious Father, God Of LoveC.M.327204
Lowry271O God, Through Christ We Sing6.
Lubeck421Glory Unto Him Who Died7.7.7.7143198
Lux Benigna262O Jesus, Lord, Great Shepherd Of Thy Sheep10.
Lymington4Ere God Had Built The Mountains7.6.7.6.D.11178114
Lynton375Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question8.5.8.5
Lyons38Oh, What Shall We Do The Saviour To Praise10.10.11.11135300
Lyons425Though Troubles Assail, And Dangers Affright10.10.11.11300383

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