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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Maitland492We Seek The Things That Are AboveC.M.15183
Malan69Thou, Lamb Of God, Didst Shed Thy BloodP.M.
Mannheim339Lord, Dismiss Us Hence With Gladness8.
Manoah83Lord Jesus, How Our Souls AdoreC.M.25243
Manoah321Behold The Lamb, Whose Precious BloodC.M.403359
Manoah302O Blessed Lord, What Hast Thou DoneC.M.184107
Mapleton432And Did The Holy And The JustC.M.33136
Maribah120O Thou Who Didst Thy Glory Leave8.
Martyrdom275Our God Is Light: And Though We GoC.M.336
Martyrdom136The Veil Is Rent: Our Souls Draw NearC.M.40333
Martyrdom303When Israel, By Divine CommandC.M.176467
Maryton356A Holy Father's Constant CareL.M.333390
Maryton59O God, Thou Hast Engaged Our HeartsL.M.3245
Maryton186Sower Divine, Send Forth Thy WordL.M.31799
Meditation395O Saviour, We Would Contemplate Thee9.9.9.9
Melbourne2'Twas Thy Love, O God, that Knew Us8.
Melbourne445Jesus Lord, Almighty Saviour8.
Melbourne496Speed Thy Servants, Saviour, Speed Them8.
Melbourne Hall240May The Saviour's Love and Merit8.7.8.714179
Melita219Lord, What is Man? 'Tis He Who Died8.
Melita413The Lamb Was Slain, His Precious Blood8.
Melita380What Love It Was That Brought Thee Down8.
Mendon390The Perfect Righteousness Of GodL.M.87368
Mendon486'Tis Finished All - Our Souls To WinL.M.99246
Mercy411Rest, My Soul, The Work Is Done7.7.7.7121108

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