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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Terra Beata64Oh Bright And Blessed ScenesS.M.D.79161
Thankfulness462O Gracious God, Our Father7.6.7.6.D.16367
The Home439How Blest A Home, The Father's HouseC.M.D.287366
The Pleading Voice20Blessed Lord, Our Hallelujahs8.5.8.5.D.36
The Saviour Is Coming424Though Faint Yet Pursuing11.11.11.1119495
There Is Rest169There Is Rest for the Weary Soul8.8.11.8
Till He Come370Lord, Thy Love Has Sought And Found Us8.
Till He Come479Soft The Voice Of Mercy Sounded8.
To God Be The Glory495Our God And Our Father, We Come To The Now11.11.11.11301454
Toplady412Rock Of Ages, Cleft For Me7.
Toulon7Thy Grace, O Lord10.10.10.10212208
Treasures166Lord, Thou Hast Drawn Us After Thee8.
Trentham480'Tis Not Far Off - The HourS.M.31235
Trentham355Come, Ye That Love The LordS.M.235272
Trentham225Oh Scenes Of Heavenly JoyS.M.24884
Treue Liebe110O God, Thou Now Hast Glorified8.
Troyte's Chant345A Shameful Death He Dies6.8.6.4

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