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Selected 1978
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TuneSongMP3TitleMeterAlternate Tunes
Venice12Sing, Without Ceasing SingS.M.2484
Venio449Lord Jesus, Come4.
Vesper Hymn17May The Grace of Christ Our Savior8.7.8.7.D.6328
Victory165Head of the Church Triumphant7.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)4413
Victory152Thy Name We Love, Lord Jesus7.7.8.7.D. (Iambic)4413
Vigil22O Lord, A Few of ThineS.M.17791
Vision27Lamb of God, Our Souls Adore Thee8.7.8.7.D.42330621
Von Himmel Hoch118Awake, Each Saint, In Joyful LaysL.M.87368
Vox Dilecti366I Heard The Voice Of Jesus SayC.M.D.287261

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