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How can I play MP3 files?

You can play MP3 files with any player that can use this format. Players that can play MP3 files include Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC, iTunes and Winamp.

What is the difference between the (rabbit) and the (turtle) MP3 files?

The icon links to a high quality and therefore a larger MP3 file. It will take longer to download. For users that have dial-up connections, MP3 files, have been provided. These files have lower quality and are smaller, which allows them to be downloaded faster than the MP3 files.

Does this site support Real Audio Streaming?

No, this site does not currently support Real Audio Streaming and there are no plans to add this. Windows Media Player can stream the MP3 files.

What about songs with two tunes?

There were two songs that had second tunes in the Spiritual Songs (Selected 1978) hymn book. These are 195 and 201. They were not recorded and are not included on this website.

How can I view all the songs with a particular tune?

This is done by navigating to the Browse By Tune page (not available at this time) or by clicking on any tune name on any Browse or Search Results page.

How can I view all the songs with the certain meter?

This is done in a similar manner as viewing songs with a particular tune. Navigate to the Browse By Meter page (not available at this time)or by click on any meter name on any Browse or Search Results page.

Are there any Apps for SpiritualSongs.Net?

SpiritualSongs.Net has no official app, however there is an iPhone app that contains all the lyrics for the Spiritual Songs (Selected 1978). This app can be accessed here.

Can I link to the Spiritual Songs MP3 files from my website?

Please contact the webmaster.


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